Galatasaray midfielder Taylan Antalyalı is on the target over his t-shirt with LGBT content with ‘Powered by pride’. The t-shirt that he wore was discussed a lot on social media on Monday while his name became trend topic on Twitter.

Support messages were sent to the player, including Galatasaray fans. However, there are also people who do not find it right to wear t-shirt that support LGBT.

Fatih Altaylı, one of the journalists close to the Galatasaray, praised 26 years old midfielder because of the t-shirt that he wore.

“You look good on the pitch with your football. Now I understand that you contribute a lot to the team with your character and personality too.” said Altaylı on his Twitter account.

“Let the dogs bark!” he added.

LGBT members are not generally welcome in Turkey and the demonstrations they organized every year in June are often interfered with. The anti-religious rhetoric of LGBT members during the demonstrations özgü a great effect on the aggressive attitude of the Turkish government.

Many people were detained in the demonstrations held in the past days.

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