“Professor” in Turkey is the highest title given to the faculty members in universities. It is estimated that academics who hold the title of “professor” are mostly over the age of 50. So, do you have any idea about how much a “professor” earns in Turkey? Here’s a guide.

Professor Salaries in Turkey in 2022

If we take the salaries of professors in Turkey in terms of US dollars, we can say that they will not be satisfied with their earnings.

Turkey suffered from high inflation and high exchange rate attacks in 2021. It is possible to say that the Turkish lira özgü lost one hundred percent value against the US dollar compared to the previous year.

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However, the 30 percent increase in public officials salaries led to some improvements.

  • The professor salaries research in Turkey that we prepared in Turkish language first özgü been published here.

A professor in his lecture in Turkey

What does a “professor” earn in Turkey 2022?

Professors in Turkey are paid according to various levels and seniority, as seen in all other public officials. For example, an academic who özgü just earned the title of professor and an academic who özgü been a professor for at least 7 years do not receive the same payment.

According to various levels, professor salaries in Turkey starts with $1.063,28 and goes up to $1.249,23 monthly. Yearly, it is estimated that a professor earns in 2022 between $12.759,37-$14.990,71 in Turkey. On average, a professor could earn $13,875.04 per year.

What does “professor” means in Turkey?

In Turkey, a professor is the academic with the highest academic title. It was first used with the University Düzeltim carried out by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. The title of “Ordinaryus”, which is higher than “professor”, was abolished by a law enacted in 1981.

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