There have been debates about monthly earnings in Turkey, especially in late months. Because inflation in Turkey is continue to growing and people are worried about their wages melting away with inflation. According to Trading Economies chart, Turkey is the second country with the highest inflation in the world.1

What is the minimum wage in Turkey as of December 2021?

Since January 2021, the national minimum wage in Turkey increased 21,56 percent and became ₺2,825, which equals $380 per month. However, Turkish lira depreciated against the currency throughout the year. By December 2021, minimum wage in Turkey dropped at least -45.7 percent, making it $206 per month, $6.86 per day and $0.85 per hour.

It is a matter of curiosity what the minimum wage will be in Turkey as of January 2022. Because 42 percent of employed people works for minimum wage in the country.2

Turkey have to increase minimum wages ₺2,375 to catch its numbers in January 2021.

How Turkey determine minimum wage?

Turkey is determining minimum wage talking with laborer representative and the employers. Ministry of Family and Social Services making polls between two.

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